Why do apples float in water?

When autumn arrives and people break out all their best Halloween tricks and features, have you ever noticed that beautifully apples float in the water, waiting to be fished out by people? Have you ever thought about why do apples float in water?

Why do apples float in water
Why do apples float in water

Apples float in water regardless of the container they are placed in. It seems wonderful, but it’s not magic, but rather science.

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Why do apples float in water?

Any object with a lower density than water will float.

This is also true for apples, which float because 25% of their volume is air. So, no matter how hard you attempt to sink them, they will come to the surface and begin to float.
The pockets of air wedged between an apple’s cells are the exact reason for the gas that apples cause in the human body.

There are various reasons that apples float in water:

  1. Density: Apples are less dense than water. The density of an object is defined as its mass divided by its volume. Apples are less dense than water because they contain a large amount of empty space. This means they will float on the surface of the water.
  2. Air pockets: Apples include air pockets within them. These air pockets increase the apple’s total buoyancy, allowing it to float on the surface of the water.
  3. Waxy coating: The skin of apples is coated with wax. This coating keeps the apples fresh and prevents them from drying out. This coating also increases the apple’s water resistance, allowing it to float on top of the water.


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