Application of Nanoemulsion in Drug Discovery

Application of Nanoemulsion in Drug Discovery

The pharmaceutical sector has recently made significant progress, focusing on enhancing drug delivery methods to improve the bioavailability of diverse drugs. Nanoemulsions, utilized for medication delivery, offer several advantages. Their … Read more

Nanoemulsion: Preparation, Application, Advantages

Nanoemulsion Preparation, Application, Advantages, Disadvantages

The nanoemulsion technique, a prominent aspect of nanotechnology, is specifically designed for measurable clinical and therapeutic applications. Currently, various nano-carrier-based nanoemulsion approaches are gaining widespread attention for effectively addressing diverse … Read more

Top-down Approach: Nanomaterial Synthesis

Top-down Approach

The top-down approach begins with macroscopic structures. The processes begin with bigger particles that are converted to nanoparticles through a series of activities. The main disadvantages of these systems are … Read more